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„Sweet People“ – Alyosha’s true message to represent Ukraine

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 @ 8:29 pm
, posted by Daniel Mourinho

At the end of a turbulent preselection process, 23-year old singer Alyosha was announced to represent Ukraine at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Her song Sweet People, written by Olena Kucher (Alyosha), Borys Kukoba & Vadim Lisitsa, is Ukraine’s 8th ESC entry and will be competing in the 2nd Semi-Final on 27th May at spot #8.

Check out the video clip:


Alyosha (Olena Kucher) was born on May 14th, 1986 in Zaporozhie. Since childhood she demonstrated a love for music: since the 5th form she sang in a school choir and since the age of 15 she attended the Yunost studio .

When she became 18, Alyosha dared for major changes in her life. She moved to Kyiv and got enrolled to the Kyiv National University of Culture and Art, Faculty of Pop Vocal. At the same time she opened her own recording studio together with some friends.

Alyosha is the author of many hits for popular singers. She worked at Fabrika Zvesd (Star Factory) as a vocal teacher, back-vocalist, sound producer, author and composer. She collaborated with Potap & Nastia Kamenskih, Natasha Mogelivskaya, Irina Bilyk, Alina Grosu and Ani Lorak.

In 2008 Alyosha signed a contract with the production center Catapult Music, which gave her life a sudden new swing. Alyosha filmed a clip to the song Sneg – this track was put on hot rotation on all radio channels. The singer’s first album (recorded in English) was also released in the USA.

On 15th April, Alyosha annunciated her plans to make a special video for her song “Sweet People” in Chernobyl, the site of the 1986 nuclear power-plant tragedy. The singer is convinced that world leaders are capable of solving most global environmental problems but lack political will. Alyosha hopes that her song and moving video will reach out to the policy and decision makers worldwide and will prompt them to take action on global environment.

The video will be Alyosha’s first step in the realization of her Ecovision 2010 programme, within which she plans to roll out a series of projects aimed at promoting global responsibility for the protection of environment. For the most part the projects will be presented to the Eurovision’s fans and journalists during the singer’s stay in Oslo later in May.

“Eurovision is loved by millions of Europeans in over 40 countries. And thanks to its continuously growing popularity it is a unique platform for promoting important global issues which affect our daily life and shape our future. I hope our Ecovision 2010 programme will remind European and world leaders about their duty to not only talk the environmental talk, but also to walk the environmental walk”, said Alyosha, who was born only two weeks after the disaster at Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986. “The disaster at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant is one of the darkest pages in the history of my country, but there are “Chernobyls” waiting to happen and calling for urgent action on the global level in many other nations worldwide. We turned to the emotive images of Chernobyl in our video because they are a very powerful reminder of what negligence, irresponsibility and inaction of “sweet people” can lead to.”

“Sweet People is a very honest, sincere and emotional song. That’s why the main aim of the video is to visually amplify the emotion which underpins the song. To do justice to Alyosha’s beautifully moving song, the video will be very realistic; it will have no special effects, no artificial set – everything will be shot in the abandoned city of Pripyat, home of the Chernobyl nuclear powerplant”, commented the video’s director Victor Skuratovsky.

2 Responses to “„Sweet People“ – Alyosha’s true message to represent Ukraine”

  1. Kiril says:

    Strong voice, beautiful song… I like it so much!
    Good luck, Ukraine!

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