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ESC Radio Awards 2012 – The Winners

Friday, June 29th, 2012 @ 3:55 pm
, posted by Daniel Mourinho

The international radio listeners have cast their votes, and they confirm Loreen’s spectacular Eurovision win last month in Baku, Azerbaijan with the song Euphoria. With Loreen’s victory in two categories, ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Female Artist’, Sweden triumphs for a second year in a row after winning two ESC Radio Award trophies last year with Eric Saade and Popular. Before 2011, Sweden couldn’t win any trophy in the listeners’ votings.

The ESC Radio Awards winning song Euphoria, with 17.0 % of the vote, was written by Peter Boström & Thomas G:son. For G:son it’s the second trophy, following D’Nash’s win in 2007 with Spain’s entry I Love You Mi Vida which he co-wrote. The 2nd place in the ‘Best Song’ category, with 8.46% of the vote, goes to La La Love, performed by Ivi Adamou for Cyprus. The listeners’ voting confirms the performance of these two songs in the European charts after the Contest. Estonia’s Kuula came 3rd with 6.74%.

In the ‘Best Female’ Artist category, Italy’s representative Nina Zilli came 2nd (13.3%), and her Baku entry L’Amore È Femmina (Out of Love) finished 4th in the ‘Best Song’ voting. The 3rd place as ‘Best Female Artist’ goes to Ivi Adamou (Cyprus) with 12.5% of the vote.

The voting in the ‘Best Male Artist’ category resulted in a clear win (19.8%) for Ott Lepland who represented Estonia at this year’s ESC with Kuula. The song took the 3rd place in the ‘Best Song’ category. Runner-up as ‘Best Male’ is Roman Lob from Germany with 16.5% of the vote , closely followed by Serbia’s Željko Joksimović with 15.6%.

In the ‘Best Group’ category it was a veritable neck-and-neck race all the way, and only last night during the last hours of voting the decision fell in favour of Iceland’s Gréta Salóme & Jónsi, who performed Never Forget in Baku. The Icelandic duo pipped Romania’s band Mandinga by just a few votes, 23.7 and 23.5%, respectively. The 3rd place goes to Sinplus from Switzerland, with 13.9% of the vote. For Iceland it’s already the third trophy win since the ESC Radio Awards were initiated in 2006: in 2008 Euroband won the ‘Best Group’ trophy and in 2009 the listeners voted Yohanna ‘Best Female Artist’.

Congratulations to all the winners! We will get in touch with them to hand over the trophies as soon as possible. For the complete rankings of the 2012 ESC Radio Awards, see below please.





10 Responses to “ESC Radio Awards 2012 – The Winners”

  1. Felix Roberto says:

    Congratulations for the winners, Pastora Soler patrimonio nacional de la música por favor.

  2. seba says:

    Yeah !! Ott is the best !! 😀

  3. AdrienH says:

    Totally agree … Ott was the best!! 😀

  4. Happy for Loreen, she is a star!!
    But I wanted Ott and Zeljko to shre the firstplace 😛 I love them bouth!

    ESC Radio awards is a wonderful concept! LOve that it exist 😀

    Greeting from Sweden

  5. Valentina says:

    Very happy for Loreen and the beautiful Euphoria! The best Eurovision winning song for a long time IMO
    I’m glad for our Sofi Marinova (Bulgaria) as well, she got a lot of votes…
    Can’t wait for the next ESC Radio awards 😉

  6. oscar lopez says:

    Loreen did a fantastic job in the performance, but the song was mediocre. In terms of performance, I think she deserves it. Also, I’m puzzled to why Soluna of Denmark got so few votes… I think Soluna should have come second, and Eleftheria of Greece third.
    For the guys, I think that Roman should’ve come first, and Ott second. Zeljko’s performance was very hyped (because he’s Serbian, that’s all). He should have been much lower in the voting (4th or 5th).
    For the groups, I agree. I liked Greta and Jonsi’s performance. Mandinga did an extraordinary job as well. But I think that Compact Disco should have come third…they were awesome!!

  7. akurt says:

    what a nonse Eurovison finished and still chosing the best song just by raido listeners so foolish thing the real jury has already decided and gave votes still trying to do order again nonse!!!!!!!!

  8. Dan H. says:

    Finally, Iceland gets some of the recognition they deserved!

  9. Janet says:

    I think that Eleftheria Eleftheriou was underrated. I wanted her as the best female artist and after the wonderful Nina Zilli. Also, I am very glad that sinplus are in top 3 😉 greetings from belgium .

  10. MyBB Tema says:

    Yeah !! Ott is the best !!

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