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ESC Radio Awards 2014 – The Winners!

Monday, May 26th, 2014 @ 5:06 pm
, posted by admin

ESC Awards 2014 - the winners

For one week, 17-25 May, ESC Radio listeners and Eurovision fans had the opportunity to cast their votes. Votes came in not only from the 37 countries that participated in this year’s Contest, but from all corners of Europe and other parts of the world like North and South America and Australia. Thanks a lot to everyone who voted! And here are the results:

András Kállay-Saunders, Hungary’s representative in Copenhagen scored the overall victory: His entry Running, written and composed by Krisztián Szakos and András himself, won the Best Song category with 8.8% of the vote, and he also tops the Best Male Artist (23.9%) after running neck-and-neck with Sebalter from Switzerland for the whole week. Congratulations to András Kállay-Saunders and the co-writer of his song, Krisztián Szakos.
It’s the second time for Hungary to win in the ESC Radio Awards poll; in 2007 Magdi Rúzsa won the Best Female Artist award, placed second in the Best Song voting (Unsubstantial Blues).

The second place in the Best Song category this year, with 8.5% of the vote, goes to Sweden’s Undo, co-written by Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger and Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah, and performed by Sanna Nielsen, while Austria’s ESC winning song Rise Like A Phoenix (Charlie Mason, Joey Patulka, Ali Zuckowski, Julian Maas) finished in third place with 7.8%.

ESC Radio Awards trophySanna Nielsen secured a clear win as Best Female Artist, with 30.1% of the vote. Second place goes to Conchita Wurst, 20.7% of the listeners voted for her, followed by Ukraine’s Mariya Yaremchuk in third place (13.1%).

As mentioned earlier, the Best Male Artist voting saw a veritable neck-and neck race between András Kállay-Saunders and Sebalter. Only last night, during the last hours of the voting, András finally pulled ahead (23.9%), beating Sebalter to second place (23.2%). Aram Mp3 from Armenia finished in third place with 12.3% of the vote.

In the Best Group voting the trophies go to The Common Linnets from The Netherlands (18.8%), followed by Greek representatives Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd in second place (12.1%) and Finland’s five-piece band Softengine in third position (10.5%)

Congratulations to all the winners! We will get in touch with them to hand over the trophies as soon as possible. For the complete rankings of the 2013 ESC Radio Awards, see below please.





19 Responses to “ESC Radio Awards 2014 – The Winners!”

  1. Manuel says:

    I’m so happy with the best song award and the best male artist award, because I love András Kallay Saunders and his song, Running. Besides, I love SeBalter too, as a matter of fact, I voted for them.

    On the other hand, I’m a little happy with the best group award, because the best group of Eurovision 2014 has the second place, “Freaky fortune and Riskky kid” #RIseUp !

    Finally, I’m so annoyed with the best female award, I’m sorry for the rest of womens, but Ruth Lorenzo is the best female singer this year, it’s the reality.

  2. hey says:

    Hey! I think the results are perfect I am really happy for András Kallay Saunders, because I love his song… I’m also happy with Sanna Nielsen she deserved that prize… Congratulations to Sweden their songs are always amazing…But I’m a bit sad for Aram mp3, I mean he was my favourite this year and I voted for him like a million times, but I’m OK with Andras… I wanted Freaky Fortune feat.Riskykidd for the best group, because I think that their song was amazing and they didn’t deserve the 20th place! Anyway, Congratulations to everyone… I’m sure that Aram mp3 will make the difference later 🙂

  3. Maja Svetlin says:

    I’m so happy for Kallay Andras. He was amazing. he was my favourite for Best male artist. All my favourites won. Only for music. I was surprised that Conchita didn’t won best music award.

  4. Sandra says:

    Congratulations Andras and Krisztian!
    The song and performance were outstanding, clearly the best this year.
    The dancers were amazing, too. Andras, your country and parents are very proud of you.

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  6. Emma says:

    I’m glad that Kallay Saunders won best song and best male artist – well deserved! Congrats to the other winners as well!

  7. Fredrik says:

    “She keeps on running, running, running from this crazy life…” 😀
    nice results, congratulations from Norway to Andras, Sanna, Ilse & Waylon…
    ESC Radio rocks!

  8. Nick Efron says:

    The duos should be a seperate category and not in the Group Category

  9. mary says:

    Well, I think that the results are OK… I’m happy for Andras Kallay-Saunders, because I love his song ”Running”, also Sanna and the Common Linnets weren’t a surprise, but something is missing and this is the best singer and the best song of this year Eurovision and one of the best songs in the Eurovision history ”Not alone” by the amazing Aram mp3 who had this breathtakinng performance, but he didn’t take the 1st place. He is the best, he is a real artist and he has to try again he deserve to take the prize and the Eurovision to Armenia…

    From a non-armenian Aram mp3 fan

  10. maria says:

    I love Andras… Well done! I can’t wait to see him next year…

  11. sophie says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…!!!:) :*

  12. sophie says:


  13. okkati says:


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