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Terms of Use

The following text was electronically translated. Please read the original “Nutzungsbedingungen” in German language here.

Terms of Use

Dear listeners, please note that the content of our website may only be used for private purposes. Even in the private use of our websites, our and the copyrights of the artists, the personal rights of our employees and the exploitation rights of artists and collecting societies must be observed.

In particular, the public reproduction, distribution, copying or duplication of the contents of our website or the public reproduction of the radio stream is, if at all, permitted only with our express and written consent; this also applies to the inclusion in electronic databases, forwarding or linking and duplication on storage media.

Companies that advertise in the ESC RADIO program are required to clear all GEMA advertising and speaker rights for worldwide Internet broadcasting and submit it to ESC RADIO prior to broadcast. ESC RADIO assumes no responsibility for the content of the commercial and statements in commercials do not reflect the views of ESC RADIO. Should spokespersons ‘and music industry unions’ rights have not been clarified, ESC RADIO reserves the right to change advertising material and to use speakers and music whose rights to broadcast worldwide in currently known media or in the future unknown forms of broadcasting are clarified.

The use of the web pages is governed exclusively by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

For the use of our websites, our privacy policy applies in addition  .


ESC RADIO assumes no liability for the accessibility of our websites and the radio stream, the presentation and / or streaming quality and the availability of offered content.

If we offer you the opportunity to download content from our site (download) or to access a data stream (radio stream), this is at your own risk!

For the content and effects of our websites and the radio stream, we are liable only for gross negligence and intent and appropriate attribution of the effects on our behavior or our employees.

We ask you to notify us of any violations on our part which, in your opinion, could lead to liability claims. We will review your message and, in the case of legitimate complaints, make every effort to remove the content in question as soon as possible and / or to prevent the continuation of the liability causing the liability.

This disclaimer generally does not apply to injury to health or life; in this case the liability remains unlimited.

External links

If you leave our website via a link provided by us, we will clearly point out that you access the Internet pages of a third party for us. If this does not already emerge clearly from the text, we will attach a note (eg “external link”). By this note, we meet the legal requirements in order to distance ourselves from the content that the third party presents on its website.

In that regard, we expressly declare that we distance ourselves from the content linked via our website. We have no influence on the contents of the external pages. We assume no responsibility for the content or the functionality, accuracy or legality of third party websites that are referenced by links from the ESC RADIO websites.

Please inform us immediately about detected violations of law and morality on the linked pages. We will remove the links to these pages immediately after taking note and checking our pages.

Please note that we are a partner of Amazon and you may be redirected to an Amazon site when you click a song in a list of songs played. Please also note our privacy policy .

As far as we work with partners who, in turn, offer websites and services accessible through our sites, these partners are subject to their own terms, privacy policies and / or policies. We assume no responsibility or liability for these statements and policies of our partners not related to ESC RADIO.

Terms of use in forums

If within the ESC RADIO websites discussion forums and chats are offered in real time (“forums”), the content and information exchanged by the users in these forums are not subject to control by ESC RADIO. For this reason, ESC RADIO assumes no liability for the content and information posted on the forums.

Users of these forums undertake, first, not to restrict the free access for other users or to stop, and secondly, no content, information, software, or other material in the forums that violate existing laws, in particular pornographic, obscene or defamatory, or which can harm other users or ESC RADIO, for example, by viruses.

ESC RADIO is entitled at any time to delete contributions or to exclude the user from the use in the event of any violation of the above terms of use.

Subject to change

ESC RADIO reserves the right to change or supplement these Terms of Use, Liability Limitations and other statements at any time.