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ESC Radio Awards 2015 – vote for your favourites, June 6-14


It’s ESC Radio Awards time again! The 40 participants of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, held from 19-23 May in Vienna, Austria, will compete once again, and this time the worldwide fans and listeners have their say, not only viewers and juries from the 40 participating countries. For one week, June 6-14, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for your favourites in four categories: Best Song, Best Female Artist, Best Male Artist, and Best Group 2015.

The ESC Radio Awards are held for the ninth time this year. Past winners include, among others, Alexander Rybak (Norway), Anna Vissi (Greece), Loreen (Sweden), Kallay-Saunders (Hungary), Dima Bilan (Russia), Eric Saade (Sweden), Bonnie Tyler (United Kingdom) – all seven of them in two categories -, The Common Linnets (The Netherlands), Sanna Nielsen (Sweden), Euroband, Yohanna (Iceland), Ani Lorak (Ukraine), Lena (Germany), Ott Lepland (Estonia), and Magdi Rúzsa (Hungary).

For the full results of the former editions please go to https://www.escradio.com/category/esc-radio-awards.

The voting starts next Saturday, 6 June!

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