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A Friend In London competition – five more winners

The quiz question of our AFIL competition from last Saturday was: What’s the name of the duo that represented Denmark three times at the ESC? The correct answer is of course: Hot Eyes, or Kirsten Siggard & Søren Bundgaard, or simply Kirsten & Søren, all three variants were accepted.

The three lucky winners of Tim’s ring, Ben’s drumsticks and Sebastian’s plectrum (each item + 1 signed cd-single of “New Tomorrow”) are: Matteo Palmier (Malta), José Antonio Barba Parejas (Spain) and Djani Delic (Serbia); in addition to these three announced prizes, we can give away two more cd-singles of “New Tomorrow” (not signed though), the winners are: Elin Ryttare (Sweden) and Dawid Blaszczak (Poland). Congratulations! The winners will receive their prizes soon. Better luck next time for those who did not win, a new quiz soon to come.

For more info, videos and songs of A Friend In London please visit their official website at http://www.afriendinlondon.com

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  1. thx a lot guys it realy means to me 🙂 <3

  2. aww and nothing for me :(( just jokin! congratulations guys!

  3. Woow ! I won ! Thanks a lot !! 😀

  4. Hey i recived my gift :3 thx for the cd and for tIm’s ring 😀 i do love it :3 thx loaddsss you made my day 🙂

  5. Hey guys!! There´s a new page on facebook dedicated to AFIL. It´s called A Friend in London: The Portuguese Fan Page. here is the link:


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