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Playlist updated – new program segment

Dear friends and listeners, we have updated our playlist today, and it’s not quite the ordinary type of update this time. Not only do we present some goodies from the Swiss online selection for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, but, as a new segment of our playlist, we now also include new songs from Eurovision artists, follow-up singles to their ESC entries, album tracks and latest releases, in order to support their music and, at the same time, bring a fresh new flavor to the programme. It’s still “work-in-progress”, we have started the segment with just a few tracks now, but it will be updated constantly whenever we receive new songs. The “purists” among our listeners can rest assured that the regular ESC entries and classics will remain the central part of our playlist.

Tune in to ESC Radio and enjoy the music of the Eurovision Song Contest!


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  1. N. from Düsseldorf

    I think its great. I guess I will tune on ESCradio more often again. It got a bit repetitive after the contest and at some point I could sing along almost every song, so I finally switched off after listening to you every day for about 5 months. Thank you for that playlist update. It makes ESC radio more interesting

  2. Good idea… Have you also considered broadcasting more than one channel? So far you programme is awesome, but stations for certain segments (oldies, regions, preselections, follow-up songs, different language versions, dance remixes) would be great too, i guess…

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