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Eurovision Top 250 today, December 31, from 11:00 to 23:30 CET

For a month, between November 24 and December 20, Eurovision fans had the opportunity to vote for their favourite entries from the entire history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Today, December 31, ESC Radio will broadcast the result of the voting, the 250 most popular songs. The countdown of the “Eurovision Top 250” will start at 11:00 CET and finish during the last hour of the year, at around 23:30 CET. During the countdown the list will be updated on facebook at www.facebook.com/ESC250 where you can follow the latest news and discuss it with other fans. The complete  list will be published afterwards here on our website, and also on 12points.tv and various partner sites. Make sure to tune in today, 11:00-23:30 CET!

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  1. Congratulations for this great list and happy new year 2012!!

  2. Milan Stankovic, CONGRATULATIOOOOOOONS!!!!!!!

  3. Dobro Milane ! Super 🙂 srecna novo godina 🙂
    Volim te! Fom Norway 😉

  4. I wish the voting was different and we could vote for more than just 10 songs. Otherwise you loose many good ones. I think we should have the possibility of voting for at least 30 songs.
    I couldn’t vote for some of my favorites like Sweden’s 1980 Just Nu by Tomas Ledin and even Belgium’s 1986 J’aime la vie by Sandra Kim…
    by the way, I hoped more people would remember A-Ba-Ni-Bi by Izhar Cohen from Israel (1978) – one of the greatest classics of ESC!
    Have a great year!

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