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Switzerland kicks off pre-selection season 2014 on ESC Radio


Just like last year, Switzerland, one of the seven countries competing in the very first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 and first winner (Lys Assia, Refrain), starts the season of national pre-selections  here on ESC Radio. Over the past  few weeks, artists submitted songs and videos to Swiss broadcaster SRF  for an online voting, the first stage in the country’s effort  to find a suitable candidate for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May.

From today on, we have included songs from the Swiss selection in our playlist. Internet users and Eurovision fans will be able to vote for their favourites from 4-18 November on the broadcaster’s internet platform at http://www.eurovisionplattform.sf.tv/

Tune in to ESC Radio and check out the competing songs!

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  1. Tree for all … Ticino

  2. Tree for all… Ticino

  3. Tree for all…. Ticino

  4. Tree for All

  5. Gisel de Marco fan here 🙂 Good luck to all Swiss contestants but ‘Born to be Child’ and ‘Together Forever’ are the songs I obviously love to hear on the ESC radio. I truly hope one of these songs will be choosen to represent Swiss in the Eurovision Song Contest.

  6. Junik – Today We Save The World (Preselection Switzerland 2014)
    WOW!!! such a beautiful song! best i’ve heard so far from the new Swiss songs! 😀 😀 😀

  7. Junik : today we save the world from Swiss contest is just amazing:-)

  8. I have been a loyal fan of Gisel de Marco since 2008, when I discovered her on Sellaband. As the people of Switzerland witnessed with her appearance on The Voice of Switzerland, Gisel brings an infectious vibe with each and every performance and I, along with people from around the world, will be supporting her throughout the Eurovision song contest and beyond. Love “Born to be Child”! Goooooooo Gisel!!!

  9. the best by far is featherlike animal parade.
    what a nice simple melody and easy lyrics with a deep meaning. absolutely timeless. this is what i call a perfect esc song! and the three gentlemen can rock (or pop) any generation and gender!

  10. We’re always having a laugh watching these songs because some are just downright hilarious. But not this one though: Animal Parade from featherlike has an irresitible melody and is silky smooth, but in good way. Haven’t heard such a good esc-entry for years!!!


  11. AJ Lewis with Butterflies by far the best entry in Switzerland! After that Junik today we save the world.

  12. <3 Swiss Dance System – Waste My Time

    Simply fabulous!

  13. Aj Lewis – Butterflies (Switzerland) <3
    Such an amazing song!!!!

  14. Rebecca, with her song “Let’s Try Again” is a very powerful entry. Got to listen to her!

  15. Love that Junik song!

  16. It would really surprise me if AJ Lewis with Butterflies won’t make the final!

  17. Anais – YOUR LOVE, MY LOVE 12POINTS!!!!

  18. S.T.A.R – Light Up !!!! Epic !!! Good Luck !!

  19. Norbert Shine

  20. Rebeca con “Vamos a intentarlo de nuevo” Es preciosa y fuerte!!

  21. Switzerland made their choise. These 6 songs will be in the final preselection show. I’m still for Together Forever.

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